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A Casual Affair

I figured it was about time for me to start writing again, so here's a story I revised from two years ago. I wrote it as a short short one page story for my independent study with Prof. Duemer. I'm not entirely sure what the point of this story is and neither does Prof. Duemer, but I'm sure there is one, somewhere. At the very least it's a short and sweet story that will make you go "awww."

yeah yeah, you can all bite me now.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten "Stages of Acceptance." I just need a little break from it.

OK, here's the first draft I did two years ago, for reference. Don't be afraid to read both, they're short. Very short.

A Casual Affair, V1
      The music coming through my computer speakers drowned out the typing of the keyboard that droned on and on. The typing stopped abruptly as Dev sat back in his chair to rub his eyes. When his hands dropped from his face, they moved to go back to typing on the keyboard, but they froze halfway there as a small flash of light came through the window. He blinked as another white flash illuminated the room. He was on his feet in an instant and ran to the window in time to see a streak of lightning lance to the ground. Accompanying this last bolt was a rumbling boom, loud enough to drown out the music.
      With a force that left the wheeled desk chair spinning, Dev launched himself toward the door, stopping long enough to close and lock the door behind him. Thrusting his keys back into his pocket, he sprinted off into the rain that accompanied the jagged bolts of lightning. Finding a nice, open area, Dev stood and watched the sky with vested interest as bolt after bolt found their way to the ground. The first ones were typical single streaks of light, tilted just enough to not be entirely vertical, but after a while they started to become more unique, and more intense. Dev grinned and fought the impulse to jump up and down as one bolt make a funky arc, splitting into two as it lanced sideways for a while before it finally arced back into the ground. The next one had the audacity to hide from Dev, its brilliant light flashing somewhere behind a building to his left.
      He went running in that direction, and stopped with a splash in a large mud puddle that was situated in the middle of a circular paved walkway. Lining the walkway were street lights, all of which went off at the same time as a massive bolt of lighting dominated the sky, triggering the light sensors on each one simultaneously. Dev was rubbing his eyes as the lightning dissipated and the street lights snapped back on, one by one. Despite the water seeping into his shoes and clothes, he grinned wider, and with the elation of a five year old, he stuck his arms out to either side of him and began to spin.
      Before Dev knew it his back had collided into the side of a brick wall at the corner of a building. Turning his head toward the corner, Dev's nose came about two inches from another nose, a nose he had never seen before. As Dev and the stranger slowly stepped away from their positions on the building corner, Dev smiled when he noticed that the girl was as soaked as he was. She took a step forward, but her back leg slipped out from underneath her. As she fell forward, Dev lurched toward her, barely able to keep his own balance on the slick grass. He managed to put his arms around her waist and brace himself on his knee, keeping her off of the ground.
      "Hi," he said in a whisper, "I'm Dev." The girl's voice was lost in a tumult of thunder, but her grin was answer enough for Dev.

And here's the version I just wrote.

A Casual Affair, V2
      The music coming through the computer speakers drowned out the typing of the keyboard that droned on, pausing only to rub sore eyes. With a frustrated growl, Dev balled his hand into a fist and smashed it into the keyboard several times. The string of random characters that appeared on his screen made him growl again. As he held down his backspace key and watched the randomness disappear, he caught a small flash of light out of the corner of his eye. Looking toward his window, he waited, watching intently until a brighter slash of light illuminated the room followed by a rumbling crescendo that dwarfed the sound coming out of the tinny speakers. In a flash as quick as any lightning strike, he was on his feet and out the door, into the rainstorm.
      Dev was soaked before he reached the first brick building that provided cover from the rain, but instead of running into it or through it, he ran around it, drawing odd stares and chuckles from the people crowded into the entryway like cattle. Two more jagged bolts of lightning struck before he came to a clearing that provided the only real grass lawn on campus, and with that the only clear view of the sky.
      Leaning against the nearest building, Dev smiled and relaxed as he watched the lightning bolts play like little children in the sky. He imagined each peal of thunder as rumbling laughter. Each flash of light was a smile, reassuring and calming. Somewhere in between the laughter and smile, he heard something off to his right and behind him. Shifting his dripping t-shirt on his shoulders, he quietly walked the length of the wall until he came to the corner of the building.
      Peeking around the corner, Dev was suddenly nose to nose with the shadowy outline of a girl, who was also peeking around the corner. Coming out from their hiding spots, they kept their close proximity without touching. A lightning flash engrained the image of the girl into his retina and it lingered long enough for him to make out wet hair framing slim shoulders covered by a soaked jacket. The jacket was parted to show an equally doused shirt. Her eyes were wide and startled, her lips slightly parted. She self consciously closed her jacket and held it closed by crossing her arms in front of her, but she did not look away and she did not move. Dev could feel her breath against his face, her heartbeat increasing from the prolonged closeness. Another flash of lightning arced by, forgotten.
      She turned to walk away but slipped and fell with a small scream. Putting his arms around her to stabilize her, Dev also slipped and wound up on his back in the mud with the girl on top of him. They stared at each other, nose to nose once again, and laughed. When she made no move to get up, Dev whispered, "Hi. I’m Dev." Her voice was lost in a tumult of thunder, but her shy smile was answer enough.

"All we are is bullets"

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