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I haven't been writing a lot lately, as I'm sure you've noticed (all two of you) but that's changed as of today. Two weeks ago I was at Digital Overload with Ken and we spoke about projects we could do. This is the result: a comic called "Developing the Jiggle Algorithm." If you're confused as to the significance of the title, be thankful you're blessed with ignorance. Needless to say, this is not going to be a PG rated comic. Here's the script for the first strip. It's kind of rough though; this is my first time writing a script of any kind and I'm just kind of diving in. Any comments or helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

DJTA - 0001 – "Fired"
Setting: Ben's garage, which has been tricked out into a hangout spot complete with huge multi-computer setup, couch, tv, video games, fridge, and bar.
Panel Layout: 2 rows of 4 panels.

Panel 1
Ben’s sitting at his computer desk, staring at the two computer screens on that table with a wide grin on his face. He’s wearing his black hat and says "Viral" in white letters. This panel sets the scene of a quiet garage hacker at work.

Panel 2
Kev comes through the door, visibly pissed. Ben doesn’t move an inch.

Panel 3
Kev slams the door. Ben doesn’t move an inch.

Panel 4
Kev repeatedly slams the door. Ben doesn’t move an inch.

BEN: Bad day at work?

Panel 5
Kev turns to face Ben, who is still staring at his computer screen and still grinning.

KEV: I’ve been sacked

Panel 6
Kev is now giggling. Ben is still grinning at his computer screen, despite what he says (his face isn’t connected to his ears and mouth at the moment).

KEV: Hehehe… Sacked…
BEN: That sucks. What did you do?

Panel 7
Show a shot of the parody sketch. Try to keep this as PG as possible… we’re not drawing porn here.

KEV: I drew a parody of a kid’s comic I was working on. It featured my hot boss being horribly violated by a tentacle monster.

Panel 8
Kev is now leaning with his back against the door, a smile on his face.

BEN: She going to sue for harassment?
KEV: Nah, she agreed not to if I let them burn it.

I've got another level that I want to clear

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