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Play Ball

aToday, I learned a very valuable lesson for getting around San Francisco.  On ball game days, avoid public transportation going anywhere near AT&T stadium.  For that matter, avoid going any nearer to the stadium than 2 miles.  This is not an easy task for me as the stadium is a 5 minute walk up the street from where I live.  I really need to look up the game schedule and keep it in mind.

This is pertinent because I was trying to make my way to the downtown Borders today at the same time a city's worth of rabid fans were making their way to the stadium.  I didn't end up finding the store because I was lead to believe it had a street entrance, but instead it's in the mall on Market st.  I didn't even know market st had a mall and I supposedly walked by it four times.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try again, if I can pick my ego up off of the floor.

Oh, and the book I was looking to get?  New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet.  Before any of you decide that I've spent too much time with the hippy art students out here (although that is entirely possible), I am not intending to pursue a solely vegetarian diet, nor have I grown a soft spot for the animals.  Although I really should, since Cows are so damned cuddly.  No, I simply have come to the conclusion that my eating habits suck and that a low fat, high fiber diet would be good for me.  That and with the farmer's market here meeting twice a week within biking distance, it might be cheaper than what I'm currently doing as well.  What I'm doing now involves a lot of red bull and microwave pizzas.

So that has been your daily Lyle update.  And to anyone who says I missed my update today, foo on you.  I started typing at 11:59pm.  So there :P

"I chime in with a 'haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?'"
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