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ok, i lied in the last (few) posts... I wasn't content with the fact that every version of the template I came up with had rendering issues in at least one browser I was working with, and I'm working with 3. To give you an idea of how difficult it is trying to code a liquid site using CSS 2.0 across three different browsers, think of it this way: you have three browsers, each of which interprets your code differently, and one of which doesn't support half of what is in CSS 2.0 to begin with (thank you IE). The result is the same block of code could work with one browser, but in the other two it could horribly break the page (and usually never in the same way, where each would require their own separate fixes).

So, I hacked at it some more today and I finally figured out a way where the site works and looks beautifully, is 100% liquid (even the navigation panes on the left), and looks -exactly- the same in IE, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, and Safari.

I have never been happier with a coding/hack job than I am with this page right now. Of course, it took WAY too much time to get it to this point, but whatever. It works and now I can focus on integrating it into the page and work on fine tuning it.

but first, I'm off for the weekend. We have break monday and tuesday, but I'll be back in my apartment monday morning, partically because I want to write, partially because of the radio station, and partially because I want to get this web site done.
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i'm a tinkerer

well, i've been tinkering with the layout again, trying different things, and i managed to fix the two pixel problem in IE. So it now looks perfect in IE. In netscape and safari, however, the content box molds to the text instead of going all the way across the screen.

one... more... bug...

yes i know, i'm compulsive, but i'm almost there...

update for the week: i've done no writing, i've done no work on the site (i just neglected to post this sunday), and i've done nothing for the radio station (outside of friday and saturday, that is). so what am i doing?

catching up on hmwk.

and finding out that tim is, in fact, still alive :)

that is all.
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grr... after banging my head against this page for hours (and blatantly ignoring my hmwk... oops?) i think i've tamed this page to the point where I can say this site officially supports IE, Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox, and Safari, covering the three widely used operating systems (though you could argue that in the case of safari).

but, after all my efforts, I still have a problem. When the navigation on the left is bigger than the content on the right, IE renders the bottom left corner of the content box wrong. how wrong? it misplaces the image by -two- -fucking- -pixels-


so close, yet so far away... i'm about this close to saying fuck it and saying the template is done. actually, that's exactly what i'm going to do, because i really need to start my hmwk. that and the case will almost never present itself... the only place it would present would be the page with the user profiles, because no-one in this group seems to be fond of setting one ;)

so yeah, methinks the next site layout i do (not for this page... this page will NOT change again in the near future after it gets set up and working) will be 100% imageless. cause this is just one more pain in the ass I don't need.

but it's done! i probably won't work on it much this week. I'll be opting out to getting around to working out and biking and generally enjoying the weather while i can, since it seems to be taking a turn towards being cold.
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it's about time

scratch that, the rollover images work. if you want the words on your rollover changed, let me know. the page is also broken right now simply because of that one bug i mentioned below. I really need to fix that before I can go any further...

take a gander this way -->

if you'd care to notice, i am almost done translating this thing into a template. the only things i have left to do are to make the javascript that will pop up the images when you roll over them (and make them links, but that's pretty inconsequential) and to fix one more compatability bug. Then all i have to do is feed the sucker into the system and i'm ready to go.

ah, the compatability issues that have been plaguing me are almost at an end. The site is put together with 100% layers (and is also 100% html transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant) which makes things sooo much easier to deal with. for the most part anyway. there were still a few... unique... issues i had with internet explorer and safari (i suppose this requires a little explanation... I bought a mac powerbook g4 titanium from my roommate two weeks ago. I love the little thing, especially OS X. It seems that I can no longer knock on mac users since I am one. Still hate their desktops though. anyway, back to the issues).

The issues with ie and safari are now fixed due to some unconventional coding on my part, but hey, it works. The only issue that still remains for me is if the navigation block on the left is larger than the content block on the right. the result if this happens is different in every single browser i've tried so far. In IE, it makes the blue bars on the left and right not extend all the way down the page. In Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, it pushes the bar at the bottom to the right and will continue to extend down the page without taking the rest of the page with it. In safari... it just goes all to hell.

So, hopefully sometime mid next week everything will be figured out and I can start on the data transfer from the old site to the new one, as well as tweak the look and feel of everything.

as always, comments / complaints / criticisms are welcome. after all, you guys are going to be using this page too :P
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insert cantonese profanities here. umm, except imagine them in english....

yeah... i definitely spent 8 hours working on the web page today, and I think I actually wound up taking a step backward. the link from the last post still works, and accurately reflects the current state of things. I know it looks bad, but the muckiness in the center is the last step for me before the thing more or less becomes 100% liquid. So I guess I didn't take a step back after all, it was just a royal pain in the ass and now i'm burnt out.

so, yeah... whoopty doo. i'm determined to finish this thing as soon as i can so i can cross it off my humungous list of crap i still need to do. only problem is the list keeps growing -_-
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happy? i thought so.

I'm almost done translating the outline of the template. After I'm done with that (sometime tonight or tomorrow) I just need to make the site liquid (so that it expands and contracts to fit entirely to your browser window) and then tinker with the look and feel of it.

I think what I'm going to do with the main page is can the current navigation menu for the front page. It makes things too confusing and sloppy, imho. instead i'll replace it with a section that will display the most recently added items, perhaps some links and other things of that nature on the left. I don't know, I'll tinker with that after the site goes up until I'm happy with it.

On a positive note, dj training is over. now i just have to hang in there for a few weeks to catch all the stupid mistakes the newbies will make. after that, it'll be smooth sailing.

i've already started writing again, mostly for my class, but i do have one short story i need to alter and revise that i wrote on the 4th of july. heh, who knows, by the time the webpage goes back up, i may have a small arsenal of stories and poems to put up. i doubt it, but you never know...
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The best laid plans...

ok, so i lied. I didn't get around to doing anything more than homework and more station work this week. Apparently there were a great number of asshats who can't read directions and/or all of my frickin e-mails, so I spent all this week training more people. This friday is the last day: I'm cutting people off and someone else can train them after this week. fuck it.
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whee ^_^

Well, seeing as no one responded to my last post, i'll take that as a huge "don't care", so i'll go ahead whichever way is easier for me :P

I'd like to give a big thanks to Tim right now. No fair, using my own trick against me! :) i've already read the book, but I definitely don't mind having it to read again (i borrowed my father's last time). so, thanks a lot.

ok, work on the website shall resume on monday, since the week of hell for me is almost over. I swear, if I had known being the station manager was going to be this bad I wouldn't have run. I've never dealt with so many people in my life. I think I'm doing an ok job, though there are two huuuuge things I let slip during training that will have to be taught later, but it's ok; the dj's as a whole are more competent with the equipment than they were last year.

so yeah, i spent the week in the studio training people. this weekend i'll be doing hmwk and scheduling shows. next week though... next week mike gets the task of sorting out how everyone is going to get into the studio. and me... well, i'm off scott free for a week ^_^ here's to hoping i find the time to write...

oh, and before I forget, I managed to get a hold of a cd-key for the one week open beta blizzard is holding for their MMORPG Worlds of Warcraft. It's a good game, great visual detail, though I think everyone that was touting it's graphical prowess needs their eyes examined. Then again, I haven't fiddled with the graphical settings. Maybe I can turn them up. But even with them down, I do have to admit they're damned good, just not as great as the hype (at the moment... talk to me in a few days to see if it still holds)

kenny, eat your heart out ;)
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I am overcome

Well, it's been about two weeks since the last update. What have I been up to?

I've been going out of my mind.

I've been working for and on the radio station since day 1 when I got here. Unfortunately, I can't stop anytime soon for the simple reason that I'm the station manager and I'm in charge of scheduling dj's for shows. And for training new dj's. So that's taking up an insane amount of time right now.

Also, I've spent the last two weeks trying to track down potsdam state professors trying to get into a creative writing class. I finally managed to get into one yesterday, allowing me to drop a class that literally put me to sleep. So yeah, halfway through the second week of classes and I'm just now getting into a concrete schedule.

The first thing I'm going to be working on (as soon as I get time) is the website. I haven't forgotten about it, and I have been making baby steps when I do have time (usually during class... I love having 4 classes in the computer lab) so hopefully that will be up sooner than later.

I have a bit of bad news though. Anissa can't do the pictures for us. She's had a tough summer and is going to have a tough school year on top of it, so I can understand why. So, do we want to find someone else to do the drawings, or should we just stick with the pics we have up there?

oh, and a note: if anyone was using for my e-mail, please change it to for now. I won't be checking the dragonmount one anymore. it's just not convenient anymore for me and the service has been bugging me. that and I now have 6 e-mail addies... dropping the two dragonmount ones will give me 4, which is more manageable.

Welp, i didn't make the deadline for the writing contest I wanted to apply for. I'm still going to write the story though... I really like the idea I came up with and I want to run with it. My question is should I work on it now or should I shelve it in favor of writing some of my massive backlist of short story concepts. And then there's still the webcomic I need to get working on again. and...

yeah, i'm running myself in circles. one thing at a time...
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What a week

I've done nothing all week long except work on the radio station computer. That's how much of a bitch our webcast setup is. It took me two days to install (which is typical with gentoo), one day getting the website and the forums and the request system back up and running, and two days to get the sound working right in linux. the way we have it set up is very twisted, just because we need to accomodate to the ass-old way the rest of the station is set up. If I had my way, I'd rip every cd and vinyl we own into the computer and let people play what they will off of that. seriously, it would make everything a thousand times easier.

just so my efforts don't go to waste, listen to the station. we're always playing automation, and you can even go and request a song when no one is there. sneaky, we know.

so yeah, everything has fallen to the wayside until tomorrow. tonight, I'm going out to enjoy myself (which probably means walking, watching a movie, or playing a video game) then tomorrow I'll be fixing my bike, finally critiquing a story and two poems i was given a month ago (many apologies for that), and then I need to dive head first into the website and writing. I'm afraid my first priority will be getting the website online, and after that I'll make tweaks as necessary. I'd prefer to get it rock solid first, and maybe one day it will become that way, but right now I just need to get it running and off my plate before it falls off and shatters.

so, list!

1) critique
2) website
3) special writing project (hush hush, you understand)
4) catching up with my year and a half backlog of stories.

never a dull day. correction: always a dull day, but never an idle one.
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